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Welcome to the world of RobotCode, where we blend software, robotics, and artificial intelligence to help businesses thrive. We’re not just a startup; we're pioneers in making futuristic technology work for you. At RobotCode, we’re all about crafting solutions that take your organisation to new heights. It’s about making your business smarter, faster, and more efficient.

Transforming Business, One Automation at a Time

We're more than a tech company; we’re creators of new realities. Our team brings together the best in AI, robotics, and software engineering to solve your unique business challenges. We're in the business of building the future – your business's future.


Empowering Businesses, Tailor-Made Solutions

We offer a wide range of services, all designed to meet your business's growing needs and help you master the art of automation.

Consultation & Strategy Development

We work with you to understand your goals and challenges, using our tech savvy to craft strategies that blend AI and robotics into your operations seamlessly.

Robotics Solutions

Our robotics systems are not just advanced; they’re made just for you, boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and ensuring precision in your operations.

Machine Learning & AI

We turn data into decisions, teaching systems to automate processes, predict trends, and create personalised experiences for your users.

Cloud Services

Utilise the cloud for greater scalability and flexibility, enhancing your data access and streamlining your operations for peak efficiency.

Post-implementation Support & Maintenance

Our support extends beyond the project completion, ensuring our solutions evolve with your business and continue to deliver unmatched value.


Who's Behind RobotCode

At RobotCode, we're guided by curiosity and collaboration, constantly exploring new territories in AI and robotics.

Our founder, Andre, with over two decades of experience, leads our team with a focus on practical innovation and transformative solutions. His journey encompasses roles such as Cloud Security Automation Consultant, Co-Founder of Digital Peak Limited, and involvement in projects like the DARPA AI Cyber Challenge. Andre's expertise lies in areas including Cloud Security Automation, bespoke software development, and AI-driven cybersecurity solutions. This diverse experience informs our approach at RobotCode, where we strive to integrate the latest technological advancements into practical business applications. Educationally, Andre's background is as diverse as his professional life, with qualifications ranging from Information Systems Management to Robotics Software Engineering, underlining his commitment to continuous learning and adaptation. With Andre at the helm, RobotCode is not just a business - it's a hub of forward-thinking, where cutting-edge technology meets real-world applications.


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Latest News & Projects

Explore RobotCode's latest projects in transforming business efficiency. Stay ahead with our innovative solutions.


The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Azure App Innovation

Modernize and develop intelligent apps with industry-leading AI.

Stay ahead of your competitors in the innovation race by transforming your app development workflows with Microsoft Azure AI.


Understanding the Magic of RobotQueue

Simplified for Everyone

Our digital solution for organizing and managing tasks efficiently, ensuring they are processed in the order they arrive, like an assembly line for processing data.


RobotQueue Product Fact Sheet

Merging Effectiveness and Creativity

RobotQueue, is a revolutionary task management tool, featuring seamless integration through RESTful API and SSH, real-time updates with Web Hooks, and advanced task management features.


RobotCode's Cutting-Edge Software-as-a-Service Solutions

Join the RobotCode Family

Unlock the full potential of your SMB with RobotCode's AI-driven, effortlessly integrated SaaS solutions – Your gateway to business transformation!


Spotlight on Python Libraries

Machine Learning Model Explainability and Interpretability

Unlock the secrets of the black box with 10 powerful Python libraries for demystifying machine learning models.


Meet our very own "Fuzzer!

Bespoke Fuzzing Solutions Offer Deep Insights

Fuzzer is the clever code-inspecting creation by RobotCode, a downright dapper digital defender devoted to debugging. But code-inspection isn’t just a career for Fuzzer—it’s a calling.


[Documentor], our data-focussed AI Processor

Efficiency Meets Innovation

Our revolutionary AI-powered solution automates data extraction from any PDF document by allowing clients to define custom schemas, uploading documents to our secure Azure queue for processing, and delivering structured data via API.

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